Treatment by recuperative techniques of pollutant vapours containing VOCs (Volatile Organic Components).

Symex VRS provide:

  • Increased safety on the Terminal by recovering a potentially explosive mixtures.
  • Protection of the environment by drastically reducing the VOC emissions on their Terminal.
  • Protection of the health of the staff, neighbours and visitors who are exposed to these toxic vapours.
  • Prevention of product vapour losses, turning them into a valuable liquid product.


  • Emissions related to the the handling of Petrochemical and chemical products: Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Olefi ns, Aromatics (BTX), Alcohol’s, Crude oils, Naphtha and Ethers…
  • Loading / Unloading Operations of trucks, rail cars, sea going vessels & barges.
  • Storage Tank Farm (Tank Breathing, tank to tank transfer).
  • H2S removal.


  1. Adsorption on Activated Carbon.
  2. Regeneration by dry screw vacuum pumps.
  3. Re-Absorption of the concentrated vapours in one of the products of the terminal.


The SYMEX Technology, if installed and maintained properly, represents numerous advantages.

  • The energy consumption reduced to the minimum by using frequency controlled vacuum pumps enabling a fl exible vacuum capacity proportional to the mass of hydrocarbon to be treated.
  • The dry screw technology allows treatment of a wide range of hydrocarbons molecules.
  • The life time of the Activated Carbon is improved due to the controlled regeneration technology, which is providing a balanced hydrocarbon charge on the Carbon in adsorption and regeneration phase. In combination with an improved and proprietary vapour distribution system inside the activated carbon beds the dust-formation is limited to a minimum.
  • The systems are simple, compact and easy to operate and maintain.
  • Symex’ References of the Dry Screw Technology are available since 1999.
  • The system is designed explosion proof and complies with ATEX regulation.