Safety Aspects

VRU is installed in environment containing combustible liquids and explosive gases.

  • Risks of fire and explosion with toxic emissions
  • Preventive measures and risk analysis have to be performed:
    • HAZOP
    • ATEX explosion protection document (EXDOC)
    • SIL safety integrity level risk assessment

EC declaration of conformity for the whole unit (§

  • Manufacturer assumes responsibility for compliance with the directive
  • Manufacturer should provide a conformity assessment of the whole assembly
  • Manufacturer provides clear instructions for assembly / installation / operation / maintenance… in the operating manual.

Some of the VRU safety features:

  • The whole system is explosion pressure proof to 9 bar
  • All valves with open / closed limit switches
  • Gasoline pumps installed below liquid level
  • High and low level switches on the re-absorber column
  • Temperature monitoring in the activated carbon beds
  • Outlet temperature of the vacuum pumps < 50°C
  • Detonation arrestor in the inlet
  • Two positive closing valves in each gasoline circulation line
  • Etc