Site works & Pipe connection

Terminal Modification:

  • Modification from top loading to bottom loading if possible: loading time shorter, safer…
  • Installation of a Vapour Recovery System (election of the best location, evaluation of the vapour profile, civil work…)
  • Vapour collecting line to the Vapour Recovery System design and installation (vapour speed shall be limited to 17m/s)
  • Election of the Re-absorbtion solution, for truck Gasoline tanks will be the most efficient election (see following note).
  • Installation of oating roof in xed roof type storage tanks or complete balancing of the vapour space to the VRU
  • Integration of a new process in the terminal and adaptation of operating and safety procedures

Connection with absorbent tank

  • Product shall have a limited TVP (if not available a pre-cooling, of increase of the absorber pressure shall be evaluated).
  • Two tanks shall be connected, so in case of tank maintenance or different product allocation the VRU can still operate properly.
  • A minimum distance of 3 meters shall be applied between inlet and outlet of absorbent at tank connection.

Connection with the terminal

All the valves are air actuated and if no instrument air is available, Symex likes to
supply an Air compressor.


Civil work – foundation