Regeneration by vacuum

To desorb the HC from the Activated Carbon, a dry screw vacuum will pull vacuum inside the vessel. The level of vacuum will depend on the HC molecule adsorbed and the emission level.

  • Dry Screw Vacuum pump
  • Desorption process curves

Dry screw Vacuum Pump:

  • Robust construction & no touching part inside the pump (no friction) • No corrosion, no pollution of the recovered product 
  • Can handle liquid slugs
  • Explosion proof design
  • Full monitoring by VSD’s (Lower energy consumption)
  • Low maintenance requirement (overhaul every 40 000 hours of operation) • Standard pump sizes
  • The pump can generate almost a full vacuum in a single stage

Desorption process curves:

The pumps are frequency controlled to adapt the energy consumption to the mass of HC at the inlet of the VRU.

The desorption end vacuum pressure « set » depends on:

  • the molecule to be desorbed (low pressure for aromatics for instance)
  • the emission limits (low pressure for low emission)

Desorption end vacuum pressure reached by the system is stable over time and avoid overload of the AC (higher life time, lower risk of hot spot)