KANON Loading Equipment

KANON Loading Equipment, directly associated with SYMEX in the form of an industrial partnership

KANON is a Netherlands-based first-class supplier on the international market for Marine, Rail and Road liquid transfer systems.

KANON distinguishes itself by designing according to the latest development with regard to efficient design, safety, ultra-low maintenance and operator convenience. KANON operates on a worldwide basis via a well-trained network of carefully selected agents and associate companies, fully able to promote all aspects of the KANON product range. KANON has supplied equipment direct to customers in all areas of the processing industry including chemical, petrochemical, storage terminals, pharmaceutical, healthcare and more


The technical staff is composed of professionals with extensive experience, working in the management and execution of large projects in the Oil and Gas, Bioenergy and Sanitation segment.

IKSO has a team of professionals with knowledge of multidisciplinary engineering in the segments in which it operates and has international partners willing to transfer technology, verticalizing its business from Basic Project to After Sales.

SETI Equipos Petroleros

Our extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry allows us to propose solutions tailored to your needs. They are not always the most expensive. Our team is highly trained to tackle a wide range of projects for a variety of energy companies. We pride ourselves on delivering projects and implementing smart solutions, on time, with high quality and within your budget.

We recognize that the oil, gas and energy markets are changing and that there is a greater need to extend the useful life of assets, extract more product from more reservoirs and / or develop more opportunities to generate marginal profits.


The Solymepe company was created in 2000. Its manager had more than 10 years of experience in the oil sector.

His desire to always bring more quality and professionalism in his maintenance and metrology interventions on oil sites led him to reflect on the creation of a more efficient installation for electronic systems DTQM (Device for the Transfer of Quantities Measured). Thanks to its involvement, Solymepe is today the only company able to provide you with this installation.

Solymepe is also a company which operates throughout the national territory thanks to its team of qualified and authorized technicians. Our company is committed to guaranteeing you shorter response times and, thanks to our stock of equipment, we can provide you with faster repairs.

Sharks Technologies

Sharks Technologies is a leading company representing multiple manufacturers in the US market. We connect quality manufacturers with the industry, promoting their world class products and innovative services. We work with small to large business, startup companies and exporters. At Sharks Technologies we focus on being your premier supplier of industrial equipment.

Australian Fluid Handling

Founded in 1999, Australian Fluid Handling has evolved to become a major national supplier of Engineered Skid packaged equipment and distributor of internationally renowned pump and compressor systems and fuel management solutions.

Australian Fluid Handling has evolved to deliver the most advanced compressors, pumps, metering solutions and purpose built skid packaged equipment to local and international businesses. Because the AFH team prides itself on providing flexible solutions, all high pressure pump and compression equipment is supplied in accordance with project and customer specifications. Additionally, all packages include maximum consideration for the people operating the equipment in the field, with design and construction that focuses on safety, ease of use and maintenance.

BNB Engineers and Consultants

Established in 2016, BNBEC is formed by a group of engineering entrepreneurs having extensive domain experience catering to diverse engineering needs of oil and gas, refineries, petrochemicals and fertilizer sector. BNBEC offers services like consultancy for capital equipment purchase and project management expertise for large turn-key solutions – by incorporating activities like end-to-end logistics support, local sourcing of equipment to be cost competitive and execution support for successful commissioning of total systems. Within a span of 3 years with offices in Delhi,Vadodara,Chennai and site office at Kochi, the organisation is poised to grow multi fold in coming years.



IQ TEC LTD. As SYMEX’ partner in the Baltic States is a rapidly developing Latvian company, employee and technical specialists of which are working in the sphere of Engineering and technical equipment’s supply at the Baltic market for more than 7 years.

Company IQ TEC renders services to the customer, connected with engineering and supply of technological equipment for such industries like Petrochemical Industry, Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Water Supply, Gas Supply, Heat Engineering right down to post-guarantee maintenance and repair jobs of equipment.

Range of technological equipment offered comprises: valves, pipeline fitting, special-purpose fitting, electric motors, pump equipment, electric and air-hydraulic actuators, equipment for loading-unloading and storage of liquids and gases as well as Vapour Recovery Systems of different technologies, diesel generators, steam generators etc.

Company renders consulting service helping to choose a type of technological equipment that suits customer’s requirements best of all. In every separate case clients have an opportunity of choice between equipment of leading European manufacturers and budgetary variants of equipment from Eastern Europe and Russia; deliveries from USA are also available. Company executes retrofit jobs (renewal of equipment operation parameters which have been lost in duration of long-term exploitation) for pump equipment and valves.

EngCo Engineering

EngCo provides engineering services and expertise to clients in the energy and manufacturing sector.
We focus on establishing and developing long term partnerships with our clients.
Through collaboration we help our clients deliver asset management excellence and capital investment programmes that are consistent with their business strategy.
Our team is built with highly qualified subject matter experts.

Extensive experience in real world operational and industrial environments (oil & gas, energy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food).

Delivering success, tailored services, satisfied clients, flexibility, lean engineering, ISO 9001, audit readiness, experienced multicultural teams

Our mission is to provide expert advice, solutions and systems to our clients to add value and minimize operational and safety risks.